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biden is a failure

biden n wordWE NEED THIRD PARTIES. It’s no secret that Joe Biden (who comes from a slave-owning family) is a fascist, a longtime racist, a plagiarist, an accused rapist and the head of the Biden Crime Family. He recently made an unhinged threat to nuke American citizens who dare to dissent from his increasingly ugly and totalitarian policies. Biden allows unvaccinated illegal immigrants to flood into the U.S. while tightly restricting the activities of citizens, whether they’ve been vaccinated or not. 

He’s also clearly senile, maybe even demented. Political power in the hands of a man like this has already wrought the kind of disasters that rational people would expect. Periodically, when Joe’s already proven corruption is finally sated with enough graft money and abuse of power, the white-collar criminals he surrounds himself with voraciously grab their share and abuse their power to whatever degree Biden lets…

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