Chocolate on Chocolate with Extra Blessings


Happy World Chocolate Day, Beautiful People!

Jewish people are obligated to say one hundred blessings every day, and observant Jews are making every effort to do it, well, religiously. There are two reasons for it. First, in Deuteronomy, Moses poses a rhetorical question to the people:”What does G-d ask of you?” Says theTalmudthat the word “Mah” (What) should be read as “Meah” – one hundred, thus obligating us to say one hundredBrochos(blessings) a day. Since Hebrew generally is written without vowels, it makes perfect sense. Secondly, during the times of King David’s reign, there was a terrible plague; one hundred people died every day. “Ah! – remembered the King,- let’s all start saying those one hundredBrohosa day!” They did, and the plague stopped. Thus, the rule was reinforced empirically, so to speak.


No doubt, it’s a great way to keep…

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