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Biden corruptFrom Mad King George III to our present-day corrupt, senile and thoroughly creepy Joe Biden, history has thrown a lot of unhinged and detestable worms at us. 

Joe Biden dem in dementiaBIDEN’S LEAST HARMFUL LIE – Let’s start this blog post with some comic relief. Biden has lied and lied and lied relentlessly, with nationally damaging lies mixed in with almost harmless lies like his imagined battle with “a bad dude” called “Corn Pop.” (Remember, in Biden’s racist imaginings he is able to overcome stereotypical blaxploitation-level villains single-handed.)

              Recently the Daffy Democrat regaled his audience with a bizarre lie HILARIOUSLY exaggerating his performance at a Congressional Baseball Game of the past. In a game where he went 0-2, Biden became – in his feverish longings – a mighty hitter of almost Babe Ruth proportions. Considering how one of Biden’s fellow Democrats opened fire on opposition party Congressmen…

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