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democrats and republicans cartoonNobody can control their skin color or the country in which they’re born, but they CAN control what political party they belong to. Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes another look at the Democrats’ ongoing, rabid attacks on the rest of us.

democrat platform hatredAnd by “the rest of us” I mean Independent Voters, Third Party Voters, basically any non-Democrat voters. Even people who profess to be apolitical are learning that it’s no protection from the totalitarian loons who call themselves Democrats here in 2021. While the corrupt, buffoonish office-holders of the Republican Party redefine their irrelevance every single day the Democrats have made adherence to their party’s talking points a de facto requirement for employment in education (LMAO), entertainment, the military and (increasingly) elsewhere.

repub dem other(And don’t claim that’s an exaggeration unless you’re willing to leave a comment fully identifying yourself and stating which issues you disagree with the Democrat Party about…

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