Letter To NY Daily News About White New York Privilege

I have read about Darrell Dromm and Allen Rozkoff criticizing AOC over naming Post Offices. I am aware of the use of history in post offices but to call AOC «ignorant» of history is the worst case of White Privilege exhibited by these two [White] people and this offends US Latinos like myself.

As a US Latín, I support AOC because she managed to advance in spite of obstacles placed by a White Privilege Establishment of Right, Left and Libertarian towards our ethnicity. AOC has advanced in spite of the arrogance of White Privilege towards her and others on the basis of ethnicity.

She still (as well as others) have managed to continue our progress and move forward in spite of such obstacles from such a White Privileged Establishment of all shades, tendencies, and color. Those who underestimate AOC do not know that she is a genius who is able to remain in touch with the people and is not afraid to say the truth.

In fact, NASA has an asteroid named in her honor after she completed a science project which landed her high honors in her school. All of this in a society that proclaims freedom and opportunity abroad  while denying it at home.

I hope to see more historical buildings named in honor of US Latinos such as George Lopez, Sonya Sotomayor, AOC, and others in the future. I also hope to see White Privilege in the dustbin of USA History

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