Pensieri Parole e Poesie


      To Salvatore
      Beloved brother of the heart

      You wrote my name on your skin
      and I engrave yours in my heart.
      You were born beautiful, only to die so young.
      But I know you live in my heart
      and in that of all the others who have known you
      because they would never have said no to your existence.
      Why are you far away and I feel you so close?
      Why so much suffering when you were here?
      I never could tell you I love you
      with the importance I now give to Love.
      I couldn’t write to you and give you anything
      to make your life more beautiful
      like you, you gave it back to me.
      I hope someday, you will leave in me
      some of your light
      the same one that enlightens you making me blissful.
      As are all the Angels
      because I’m sure…

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