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educa smallerTime for another installment of Faculty Lounge Fascist Roundup! It’s no secret that privileged white Democrats aka «baizuos» have distorted the educational system into a partisan «church» of irrational thought and ugly intolerance.

DEMOCRAT «TEACHERS» (LMAO) RECRUITING SCHOOL CHILDREN TO INFORM ON FAMILY MEMBERS AND ATTACK THEM WITH DEMOCRAT PARTY PROPAGANDA. People who feel that «teaching is a political act» should never have young minds at their mercy. 

GROTESQUE DEMAGOGUE JOE BIDEN TELLS THE DEMOCRATS WHO RUN THE TEACHER’S UNIONS THAT STUDENTS ARE «THEIR» CHILDREN. Democrats continue with their fascist claims that children belong to the state and not to their parents.

BECAUSE DEMOCRATS PRETEND MEN CAN MENSTRUATE, SCHOOLS IN OREGON NOW MUST INSTALL TAMPON DISPENSERS IN BOYS RESTROOMS. More HERE. «The Menstrual Dignity Act for Students» is something so absurd only the mindless political robots called 21st Century Democrats could refer to it with a…

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