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democrat demagoguery about jan 6thIf anyone is tired of political posts, blame the Democrats because they insist on continuing their lies, their demagoguery and their hatemongering. They are offering up yet another round of lies about de facto Third Party President Donald Trump. Laughably, they are still pretending that the January 6th, 2021 protest at the Capitol Building was an «insurrection» (LMAO), yet still claim that Democrats burning down buildings, looting and trying to kill or blind cops constitute «mostly peaceful» demonstrations.

democrat platform hatredDespite the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice a few days ago Democrats in the House of Representatives blocked a bill to provide additional protection for the Justices and their innocent family members AND STILL ENCOURAGE DEMONSTRATIONS OUTSIDE THEIR HOMES DESPITE THE FACT THAT SUCH ACTIONS ARE ILLEGAL. Joe Biden’s DOJ simply refuses to enforce that – and certain other – laws if it won’t help The Party.

And no, cops…

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