I have heard the promises of the politicians who belong to the system and they are empty. I have heard the RINOS and Donkeys lecture about Human Rights in China and Russia without taking into account the violations of human rights in USA by both parties since the 19th Century.

Who can ever forget the Racism against Minorities, the Fear Mongering to create hatred and division as well as the illegitimate wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and other parts of the world. Who cannot forget how RINOS and Donkeys invent crisis after crisis, destabilize countries in order to bring people to America with the intention of creating a slave class. In the process, do the same thing to US Citizens.

You, Washington, and the Mainstream do not represent me nor many in USA. The same applies to Trump who is also part of the problem. I am an Hispanic USA Citizen born here in USA [who is a Libertarian/Green] who loves NORMAL INSTEAD OF POLITICAL EXPERIMENTS.

Please do not answer me because we have nothing to talk about. You dont represent me not because of different opinions (which is one reason). It is because we are of different ethnicities and you are White Privileged even though we were born in USA.

PS : América and Americans should be used exclusively for the Indigenous People

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