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Trump in the wayI’ve been sorting through details about tonight’s abomination from the installed, illegitimate Biden Regime. Until we know more, I decided to post this item pointing out how the Biden Regime has thrown away all pretense of legitimacy or legality with this atrocious behavior.

America under the Democrat Party is a banana republic in which elections are fraudulent and popular political opponents of the Regime get attacked by the unquestioning filth who carry out raids like this. Recently, de facto Third Party President Trump had announced a strategy for cleaning up America’s infamous cesspool of corruption that masquerades as a government. Polls indicated that voters preferred Trump to the career criminal installed in the White House via cheat-by-mail and other measures.

trump is a lot like jfkTotalitarian regimes around the world are notorious for oppressive actions like this. Raid the personal and professional areas frequented by popular candidates who pose a threat to the regime…

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