Count Your Blessings – Quinoa Pomegranate Salad


The Holiday of Sukkos is called Zman Simchoseinu – The Time of Rejoicing.  We are commanded to rejoice for eight days, and to do it outside, open to elements. For the duration of this holiday, eight days, we dwell in the sukkah – a booth, or tent, erected outside. Some people actually sleep in the sukkah, but we only eat there.

During this holiday we are commanded to rejoice, and we do, as you have seen in this funky video.

On the photo, you can see a miniature model of asukkah, made for my husband by a Russian artist Eduard Kryman. It actually serves as a case to carry anEsrog(a ritual citron), which constitutes an important part of the observance. There is no roof other than palm branches which leaves us open to the elements the way we were during the forty years of wondering in…

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