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Crazy Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi, whose policies harm the working class and the poor.

Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog notes that the Democrats – whose political party I’m ashamed to say I used to belong to before they went insane – are trying their usual election time attempt to pass off an act of violence as having been caused by their political opponents. (Remember how shortly before the 2018 midterms a disturbed man in a decorated vehicle was painted as a supporter of the political foes of the Democrats? Learn some new scams, demagogues.) 

Uh, yeah, as if an unbalanced California nudist is somehow a Trump supporter and somehow tied to the nonexistent «insurrection» (LMAO) from January 6th, 2021. The senile yet corrupt Joe Biden even dribbled out some idiocy about how breaking into a home owned by a woman named Nancy & her husband and asking «Where’s Nancy?» could ONLY mean someone…

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