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democrats and violencedemocrat republican or awakeIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog, as always, welcomes all of you, no matter how you vote. The Biden Regime’s banana republic nature gets more and more blatant all the time. Career criminal Joe Biden stated the 2022 elections may be «illegitimate» and then blasted so-called «election deniers!» Repulsive hypocrisy.  

The Capitol police, who are supposed to be staffing security cameras at the Pelosi residence (because the privileged white one percenter Pelosis make taxpayers foot the expenses for such things) now admit that they can’t provide film footage of the «break-in» at the Pelosi home.

pelosi snobAmerica’s federal authorities, which lose more and more credibility by the day it seems, also claim that Capitol police WERE NOT EVEN MANNING THE CAMERAS AT THIS PARTICULAR MANSION OF THE OBSCENELY WEALTHY PELOSIS UNTIL AFTER OTHER POLICE ARRIVED ON THE SCENE.

Oops! This helps the compulsively dishonest Biden Regime obscure whatever they want…

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