CHRISTMAS PARTY                       11/25/2022 [FERNANDO J. MILANES, MD]

Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

At my retirement homage, when asked my thoughts of why I was so successful, I said it was only a result of my ability to chose and treat my co-workers (not employees!).    When having to select my professional partners, I glanced at their CV., making my decision based on what I can only describe as “gut feeling”.    Fortunately a very high percentage met or surpassed my expectations.    In return they always knew (proven by my actions) that I always had their back.    

Part of my “new” changes was making our workplace, not only effective as a joint operation where the lowest clerk was as essential as the highest professional.    I had also to be fun!    We formed a music band from the staff with a guitar, piano, bass, and singer.    Dr’s, Social workers, residents, clerks were part.   We played at every holiday, retirement, birthdays, and every time we thought appropriate.    The group was played so well that other Chiefs asked for me to “loan” for their festive occasions.    

We had a summer picnic where we pooled our finances to meet with our families, ate, and had music, and games for the children.    At Christmas I gave a party at our home for the professional staff.    Every year we had a motive, as Cuban, American, Brazilian, Bahamas, and México that I remember.   A band was included to play the appropriate music for the occasion.    Mena Catering provided food, help, and bartender, liquor, as only our great friend Jorge can do.    

He, I think, enjoyed using his creativity to cater the appropriate food, snacks, and meals.    One of the themes was Brazil and we brought the famous samba dancers.    The group leader was a character!    He asked if I wanted the girls topless, but I said no, because even if we always had police in the premises the risk of a “heart attack” was too much.   BTW, after the first time we had police present (one night we had an uninvited couple) every one of them wanted to go.    

The one at this particular event had a great view of the rear when the girls performed.     We had no cardiac events, but some male staff were so enthused, that their wife’s had to calm them with “don’t you dare” look.    The young ones, mainly my son his best friend (now a well known allergist), did get close and personal with spouses jokes and participation as shown in the above pictures.

To be young again!!

Fernando J. Milanes, MD

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