Open Letter To Kinzinger’s «Country First»

You cannot talk about exporting Democracy and Freedom without acknowledging Human Rights Violations in USA

  1. Both parties [Republicans and Democrats] are responsible for genocide against minorities [Trail of Tears against Native Americans, Japanese US Citizen Concentration Camps, Lynching of Minorities] because of White Privilege.
  2. People have lost their jobs and careers because of policies approved by you.
  3. Minorities are discriminated against even if they are successful and have good will and intentions towards America [Great example is AOC]. AOC is one of the victims of White Privilege. She is also a victim of sexism. AOC is one of the few people in DC who makes sense
  4. Republicans and Democrats have held a Monopoly Of Power and have excluded others such as Libertarians and Greens through Ballot Access Laws that are draconian.
  5. Helping other countries while treating US Citizens as second class citizens in their country

Please do not reply to me

My letter to Kinzingers «Country First»

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