Caba~nas Wants To Play In The 2010 World Cup

Salvador Cabanas [the Paraguayan and Club America Football [Soccer] Player has recovered to the point where he is eating and speaking again. He conversed with his father and brother of his desire to «play in the 2010 World Cup». Jose Maria Gonzalez and Michel Bauer of Club America have declared that Cabanas is in good […]

Salvador Cabanas Recovers Speech

In a sudden turn of events, Salvador Cabanas has appeared to recover the power of speaking.According to his surgeon, [Dr. Martinez] he was able to speak with a visitor [Chucho Ramirez] as well as members of his family. He spoke in the Guarani Language that is one of the official languages of Paraguay. The surgeon […]

Salvador Caba~nas [V] [ESP] [EN]

Para Radio Nederlands: Segun Notimex y Univision, El Dr. Martinez hablo del estado de salud de Salvador Caba~nas. El estado de salud [segun el Dr. Martinez] es «estable» y no hubo evidencia de deterioro despues de los acontecimientos hace 24 horas. Salvador Caba~nas esta recibiendo estimulo cerebral mientras que el hospital recibio de visita la […]

Salvador Cabanas [IV] [EN] [ES]

The Attorney General for Mexico City identified Jesus N [otherwise known as El JJ or El Modelo] and Francisco N [otherwise known as El Contador or El Paco] as the people responsible for the shooting of Salvador Cabanas. He also showed a video of what transpired. The bar is called «Bar Bar» and the video […]