Long Hu and Global Olympathon

For our news and sports blog, it is a pleasure and an honour to have Mr. Long Hu to talk about his creation Global Olympathon which is a sports organization which does charity work. While I am learning more about Global Olympathon, it is better that Mr. Long Hu talk about Global Olympathon.

1.  It has come to the attention of the world that you are starting the electronic magazine or blog Global Olympathon. What will Global Olympathon consist of in regards to sports?

Global Olympathon is really the peoples’ sports system. As I sat watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2000 I was in the pool with the TV sufficiently positioned to allow seeing the flame to be lit. There were a whole group of us up on the roof that night (the pool and spa pool were on the roof, it was a high-rise luxury apartment in China Town in Sydney). I later realized that in trying to get my first charity project working I had been working so hard to overcome the early problems (which included having no money), that I’d found the social solution mixed in with the sporting and charity events. As upcoming Olympic events come up and there are an increasing number of them worldwide, I’m hence encouraging every man and his dog to get out and give sports a GO. That is a Global Olympathon GO. It’s great watching people like Lightning Bolt, it’s even better when you know he was the most generous of athletes at the Games last year. Everyone can follow his example.

2.  What was the reason for starting Global Olympathon?

I had just started up www.jboss.org and www.jboss.com (they were called EJBOSS in 1999) and I realized I could build a charity in the same way as an open source software project. I left daily operations with EJBOSS to start on the difficult road to building Global Olympathon. At times I have had no money, at others too much earnings all at once from hard work in the IT industry. Other times I have felt the injustice of the kind that Palestinians must feel about their land as people took my creations and got rich while pushing me out of my own industry. But all the while I have perservered to get the concept of Global Olympathon to grow towards what I know it will eventually become. Right now I am homeless and living in Hong Kong supported by periodic help from my parents. I live in Internet cafes and work at night and sleep out on park benches during the day, I can’t afford the luxury of rent and a full time job while getting something like this going. I manage over 70 hours work per week in a charitable capacity because I know eventually the event will get going.

There are more personal reasons too of course, in 2004 I put in massive effort over Athens because my school friend was being persecuted for having had a criminal conviction which the Australian Prime Minister of the day seemed keen to see Soulan serve a ‘second sentence for’. And I am keen to get justice with those who set this project back in past and stole a patent I created in 2001 too. Any injustice, it’s by working towards finding a way to force people to do what is right that they ultimately decide to stop riding along the easy path and do the right thing. The Queen of England is very much in that boat right now. If she was not so keen to rub shoulders with corrupt president’s like George Bush and if she acted in her own decision making with more morality, there would be no Gaza crisis right now.
3.  I am also an admirer of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. I used to see some of their films when I lived in Venezuela. What was the decision to start the Bruce Lee Olympathon Series?

I was very fortunate to start doing Martial Arts at about age 15. I had a friend, Kerry Willis, at school who was a very keen Bruce Lee fan and he introduced me to Bruce Lee’s movies. Later Kerry went on to be a medic in the Royal New Zealand Navy and he served as a weapons inspection medic for the UN in Iraq in 1996. It was only natural that when I made it to China ten years after that, Bruce Lee would feature strongly in my goals and following up on where he lived in Hong Kong has been one of my quests. I am part of a team designing a computer game and writing movie scripts for the Bruce Lee Still Alive and Bruce Lee Immortal projects. You can see the start of this at http://brucelee.olympathon.org and I hope all martial arts lovers will get involved. I’ve been to meet with Jackie Chan’s charity manager, Cat, and she liked my Non Violent Gaming (NVG) proposals as well. I’ve designed NVG games for over 20 years but to get people interested in NVG one has to show the contrasts in a clever means… a bit of push and pull at the right times, use of yin and yang so ironically I will probably be known for first making one of the most fighting-oriented games on Earth, then people will understand where NVG fits in as they play the game.

4. Will the Bruce Lee Olympathon Series include his stint in the US Television Series “The Green Hornet”?

I’ve got a young actor here all ready to do one of the Bruce Lee roles, however the Green Hornet project has recently had a few changes as it’s Hong Kong would-be director wants to do a project with Jack Black. What I’ve proposed is that Green Hornet form a 6th movie title and add itself onto the Bruce Lee Olympathon related projects. It will be good for US-China cooperation and for the future of the Green Hornet as we’ve got the new interactive gaming and movie systems being designing in China and they go well beyond the Microsoft and Philips 3D TV type concepts in the West. Bruce Lee is integral to the future, just as he was integral to the past. He is very much still alive and enacting changes via his powerful spirit today. I am sure that any studio that does what he likes will do well and any studio that does something he doesn’t like will feel the curse of the ages. No one in their right mind messes with a Dragon.
5.  Will there be a segment dedicated to Chinese Soccer [Football] ?
I was in China recently and have a fond memory of watching Shanghai United on one of the sports channel of CCTV.

There are two segments dedicated to football and both quite different. One is where Bruce Lee encounters modern football again and changes the game via using techniques and speed learned in martial arts to up the game. The other is completely different, doesn’t involve Bruce Lee but is very cute and has something to do with panda bears. But I can’t say any more at this stage.
6.  You will have a web page Olympathon dedicated to Asia and the European Union. Is there a possibility of an Olympathon webpage dedicated to the American Continent, Africa, and the Middle East? The USA has a soccer [football] team, Press TV reported on some of the Iranian Players of Soccer [Football] being elected amongst the best, and South Africa will be hosting the World Cup in 2010.

The lack of a dot Africa domain meant that Middle East and Africa got lumped into the .asia domain on Global Olympathon, purely from a technical standpoint not a geographical nor geopolitical one. I got .asia and .eu as broad entry points or ‘catch all’ type names and some nations span both. US users will use the .org as usual. Most people will simply use the domain name provided by their nation which is to be in the form of either olympathon.us (for example) or telethon.us (both are able to be used). The beauty of Olympathon is that it will grow in each nation as well as regionally and internationally. The growth will pretty much take care of itself, the requirement that all nations and charities adhere to the 5 Principles of Peaceful Coexistence (Panchsteel) does the rest over time.
7.  What are the future plans of Global Olympathon once it gets started?

From my perspective it started in 2004 but from the world’s perspective it might take until 2020 to get really started in earnest the way that we might all envision a worldwide sports and charity related telethon to to work every two years. The plans are essentially self-evident and will unfold over the coming year and years, Canada, London, Russia and beyond will all have a lot to do with shaping the events, they are public participatory in nature. The goal is to get people involved in activities that cause them to think more about others and to be more active and healthy in all ways. The secret to life and the question of ‘why am I here’ is simply ‘to help others’ and when people realize the joy and logic of that, making money for oneself seems idiotic when compared to making life better for everyone, selffamily, nation and the family of all nations included.
8.   What sports personality would you like to interview for Global Olympathon?

Easy, Mr Lightning Bolt… very much an inspiration and the star of the Olympics men’s events (outside the pool).
9.  How will Global Olympathon be able to compete against ESPN, FOX Sports, BBC Sports, and other sports venues?

Global Olympathon is a charity management framework. It has no notion of competition in terms of vying for media time. It will make money for networks as Global Olympathon events will reinvigorate viewerships that have begun to be dulled by the same old schedule of TV events year after year. Global Olympathon is an opportunity for FOX, BBC and others, but only if they work with it. I think there was some fellow who said ‘with me or against me’… George Bush was his name. Global Olympathon could be seen to be the anti-Bush, it’s championing the little guy but as usual the opportunities are there for the big guys if they cooperate. Of course if I have to go it all alone, I am smart enough to see how I could build a global TV network out of all the independent bloggers and videographers worldwide, every rugby, football, cricket and basketball team in the world could soon be on TV… but it’s better not to upset the apple cart, better that the BBC’s and Fox’s of the world get with the program and start including the little people themselves, and Global Olympathon is a great catalytic force to enable that to happen. I’m not anti-capitalist, I am pro the Social Market Economy… that means ensuring there is enough getting to everyone. There’s only ever problems like terrorism when some are taking too much and other’s aren’t getting enough.
10. Is there the possibility of an Olympathon Webpage dedicated to the career of Yao Ming?

I see that every website already in existence is a Global Olympathon webpage. There are lots of Yao Ming pages already so one of the goals of Global Olympathon is to manage the easier access to reaching the information people want to see and to do so across traditional barriers. Before you ask whether Global Olympathon is going to replace Google for sports… well, it is an area Google needs to really work on to catch up… essentially what Global Olympathon will do however is to prompt the likes of Google into giving more of their power down to the regional and local level, so that there is less of this ‘one company takes all’ approach that stems out of the USA. It is what has been leading to terrorism in the past, what is needed is a more balanced approach. Yao Ming is a gentle giant. I think that is what Global Olympathon and panda bears have in common with him too.

11.  Will Olympathon have a segment dedicated to an interview with Shanghai United?

Again you can count on it, because the very fact that someone wants it means that the demand should and will be met. Any volunteer can arrange this and get the interview and pages ready. In the coming months the means by which all the information is going to come together in a more readily easily accessible form will become apparent and people will see how the open source JBOSS project helped me figure out strategies for making the largest charity management framework in the world (which is what Global Olympathon will become in time). Global Olympathon itself is not a charity, Global Olympathon and the people of the world in utilizing the framework will however ensure that all charities complete what they set out to do and that they don’t create new problems for people in the process of doing what they’re doing. There are quite a few NGO’s who are going to have to let local people take over more management aspects of their operations, there has been far too much ‘doing bad while doing good’ during the colonial and US cultural-imperialism era. Cultural information being lost and twisted to the political purposes of a few, children and families put through extreme hardships (the Aborigini peoples’ case in Australia as just one example) and numerous other examples continue today wherever someone with a lack of understanding of another culture has say over someone of that other culture. UN, UNICEF, most US and EU HQ based charities that operate in other nations… they need to take a good long time to think about this and start implementing lasting changes.

The above, while off the original question topic, is an important aspect of Global Olympathon and is one reason why each nation runs its own Olympathon website. It’s not my role to decide what the Chinese people should and shouldn’t be seeing, I am a visitor to China, my interest here is because I grew up in a home influenced by Chinese culture (my mother’s first husband was Chinese and positively influenced her parenting and cooking skills before she was widowed and married my father about 7 years later). But even with knowledge of how to use chopsticks, it’s not my place to be telling people in China what to watch overall, as long as what they are watching is not causing massive harm. Of course as that applies to me, it also applies to Fox and BBC too.
12.  Will there be a segment dedicated to Sports Medicine or Preventive Health with Sports?

This is an area where ancient Chinese, Indian and other medicinal knowledge alongside recent modern advancements from Canada, US and Mexico are able to positively assist people to better health worldwide. I see this as a key function for Global Olympathon, as an educational tool that periodically allows the best from around the world to be seen by others around the world. It’s also the reason why the advertising mechanisms couldn’t be the same as Western TV based ‘money wins the day’ charity fundraisors. If we let money win the day we’d be pushing Coca Cola instead of considering why the ancient Chinese Emperors gave the people access to green tea instead.

It’s in areas like this that I want people to use Global Olympathon to get advancements out to people more quickly and there is no reason Coke or McDonalds need to be hurt in this as long as they implement every higher standards towards optimal health.

Advancements for some nations include things that are old hat for others so one has to look for the correct balance of what gets promoted and what does not. McDonalds and Coca Cola have a lot of work to do in this regard as they could end up with lawsuits for the damage they are causing in undermining traditional preventative medicine programs in place in China for over a thousand years. Certainly prevention is better than cure and Chinese and Indian medicinal cuisines are proven over the long haul to be beneficial to all manner of physical and sports activities. One of the reasons the Emperor used to want his people always well was because then they would be more able to defend the empire, now it pays off in reducing health care costs – but there are those who have implemented ‘institutional evil’ by actively wanting people to be sick for themselves to be able to profit. The hiding of information about what plants are in 70% of all drugs in the West is part of such a profiting mechanism. The Internet is steadily erroding the ability for people to get rich as a result of the illness and ignorance of others.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and hope to remain in touch.

Many thanks Roberto. I hope to be able to answer follow up questions in the not too distant future. I will work from the library some days this week and will respond to follow ups at that time.

Volunteers are welcomed to put forward suggestions and additions to Global Olympathon that assist it towards helping make a better world for all (and promptly, issues such as the Gaza crisis are dragged out by the failure of people like the Queen of England to exercise real leadership and decisiveness. Meanwhile people suffer.).


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