One On One With Long Hu about the Middle East including Gaza

In the past few days, the Gaza Strip and Israel have been on the news as the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip receive a daily dose of bombardment. According to Israel, they are doing it out “of self defense” and to “destroy Hamas”. The Palestinians on the other hand have talked about injustices committed against them. One does not have to go further by seeing videos of civilians being killed and paying the price for a senseless terrorism.

I have invited Mr. Long Hu of the Global Olympathon Network, Coalition for Peace, and the Charity Management Framework to discuss about Gaza, Israel, and what can be done to resolve a situation that has kept the world in continual agony. Here is the following interview conducted via E Mail.

1. You have a blog dedicated to sports. At the same time, you decided to create an organization for peace in the Middle East. What was the reason behind this decision?

I love sports and would like to get more time to pursue a range of them however the goal of has always been to help assist worthy causes. I started Global Olympathon over the Athens Olympics out of experiences gained in forming an earlier charity related project called Freedom East Timor (see – Freedom East Timor track done with NikiVee in the USA and the New Zealand Army Band recorded the Freedom vocal). Sports and charity are similar in that they bring people from many nations together. In Sydney during 2000 I first realized the necessity of creating such a project after Freedom East Timor went nowhere and sponsors for the Olympics went everywhere. It turned out that high ideals and no money meant low potential to change the world. McDonalds and Coca Cola have more affect on the world than most charities.
2. There are people who have been talking about the Jewish Population receiving citizenship in Europe, the United States, Australia as compensation for being in the Middle East. How could this be possible taking into account the world economic situation?

This is an old problem needing a new solution. I have some Jewish ancestry on my mother’s side. I am keen to see the Jewish people out of harms way and I think most would agree that the Jews and Palestinians have been put through enough. I also know the facts about the British military planning decision that determined the Middle East as being the best site for the Jewish homeland after WWII. It seemed money was not an issue then even though the UK supposedly had insufficient cash after the war. Global Olympathon has the potential to respark the economy at this time but only where there is going to be real and lasting changes. Putting the Jewish people in harms way again, allowing them to stay in harms way, putting others through hell because of bad British decision making, or misappropriating the charitable funds of many people so the British get to fix their mistakes for free… those things are out of the question. Britain has gold reserves that it’s busy hiding. They can pay up and create a new homeland for the Jewish and do so soon. Global Olympathon is here to assist them in making the right decision.
3. Is there a possibility of moving Israel to another continent?

The possibility exists for the Jewish people to truly become God’s chosen people, not the foresaken hypocrites that British decision making has been forcing the Jewish people to become. The possibility is real and evident that with the New Israeli Midlands (NIM) in the UK and the New State of Israel in the USA, these are building contracts and resettlement programs that will bring in billions of dollars to the economy.
4. Are there any discussions or proposals for moving Israel to another continent?

The British discussed it a number of times, mainly the discussion took place after WWII as to whether Israel would be in Africa or the Middle East. The question is why Israel was moved to another continent in the first place (away from Europe). The reason for this was the Britain wanted a second buffer state to stop Iraq having a sea port to export its oil, something Britain thought would give Iraq too much power and especially too much power over its oil pricing. With the sea port denied in the North via the Med because of the location of Israel and denied in the South via the formation of Kuwait, Britain achieved its goals for over half a century. However it’s done so at the expense of the Jewish peoples’ reputation by using Jews as a proxy force. It’s time to test whether the British really do stand by their promises to always support the Jews. I know that every US citizen I have spoken to supports the formation of the 51st State.

 5 What is the difference between a Zionist Fascist and a Jew?

A Jewish person is someone who comes from the Jewish family which is passed down on the mother’s side of the family. Jewish people are just like everyone else, generous, kind hearted, seeking a good life for themselves and their family.

It is hard to find “A” Zionist Fascist. It isn’t “a” person, it isn’t a formal club, it’s a form of institutionalized decision making being made by many politicians who happen to be from the UK, USA and Europe. It’s what happens when a decision was made long ago by army planning personnel after WWII. The decision to place Israel in the Middle East was then agreed to by the Queen of England on the basis of support for the idea from her advisors. Long after this everyone is now having to the faulty decision ‘at any cost’, even at the cost of the reputation of the Jewish people, the American people and ultimately if they do not act soon, the cost of the reputation of the British Crown.
6. Is there a possibility that Jews and Arabs could work together and maybe share the same country? Is it too late for this concept? The reason for this question is that there was a time when Arabs and Jews lived together in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Will honorary Jewish citizenship be awarded to all Palestinians in Gaza as a form of compensation for what they have been put through? Then it might be possible. But having created terror there, is anyone going to pretend that the suicide bombings and rockets are ever going to stop until the admission of the theft of Palestinian lands has been made? Most of this problem dates back to decisions by the British Crown Government after WWII. It’s only their power that prevents them from being held accountable for their decisions. But what goes around does come around. On any other day the Jewish and Palestinians would be best friends, both are being persecuted by the decisions of others and it dates back a long time.


7. What can other countries do to prevent the spread of the Middle East Conflict from other countries? Recently in Miami Florida, there was a violent demonstration between supporters of Israel and Palestine. There have been reports of similar incidents in other cities in America.

I think Adam Sandler got it right in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. It’s the injustices that people can’t stand and cause more conflict. To stop conflict spreading, solve the original injustice. There are benefits to getting the Jewish people to reside in the US in a new state (which also has Nation status), the Jews are the master inventors of numerous technologies that progressed mankind to the modern era. Jewish people are good for any economy they operate in. Nations should support the formation of the New Israeli Midlands (NIM) in the UK and the New State of Israel in the continental United States. What’s not working is the UK secondary decision of getting more and more people to migrate to Israel to justify and backup their original decision, that’s only leading to the potential for WWIII.

8. What is it in the Middle East that makes Jews and Arabs want to fight for it?

Not much now. It was all about energy reserves and access to resources after WWII. In 30 years oil is not going to be as important as it is today. The necessity for a buffer state to stop Iraq is over, the original reason for placing Israel in the Middle East has gone. Now just the problems of that decision are left in place for all Jewish people and the original inhabitants’ ancestors. There’s a reason people are willing to blow themselves up, that reason is injustice. Steal someone’s house and land and they probably won’t just smile and say ‘thank you’, the expected reaction is they will start getting physically violent to get you out of their house. Ironically the British Crown is making terrorists by its failure to admit that it went too far in forming Israel as a permanent occuapation in the Middle East.

9. New York Mayor Bloomberg [who is the biggest Zionist of all] was in Israel fanning the flames of war. Mr. Bloomberg is also a Republican who became Independent. Since there is the possibility that maybe the US Governing Elite is behind the recent conflict in Gaza, what should the world do in order to tell the US Governing Elite to stop interfering the affairs of other countries in the Middle East such as Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan? In other words, could the world start an embargo against the US Elite for its involvement in the Middle East?

Global Olympathon has been modified recently to do just that. I realised when looking at the sanctions that UK and USA were putting on Gaza and other nations like Iran and Iraq, that there is a way to put pressure back on the British Crown and the USA for their mistakes. It isn’t to target any individual, it’s to stop the mistakes of institutionalised thought, where no ‘one person’ is responsible any more for a decision. As such I started arranging fines for every bad decision such institutions make. As George Bush pointed out, the monetary economy has tremendous potential to solve problems. I think I have found the way to really speed up finding answers rather than nations accepting the status quo. Watch how quickly the USA, UK and Jewish people start to clean up the problem of overstaying in the Middle East once they see how it is going to affect their pocket books.

I’ve done it just as an example first of all, but if the war against Gaza doesn’t stop by the 13th I am enacting real fines that will remain in place until paid and some of them will be higher than the little examples I have set. Examples (some quite extreme but they do make a point) are at Ironically if enough people start supporting Global Olympathon it will turn into real financial-political pressure. I know it will happen eventually, it just might take until 2020 to get Global Olympathon going sufficiently to get momentum… but I’ll note down the files and keep charging interest on them until paid. The trouble makers will soon get the message.

Other’s will catch on too… a Canadian University was talking about banning Israeli lecturers… others have expelled Israel’s ambassadors. However I don’t favor the latter options. Israel is a valid nation state, just not in its current location. The location is the problem so let’s fix that. Every Jew will rejoice when they have UK and EEC access and American market access too. It’s the ultimate Two State solution. Only those who don’t really support the Jewish are going to fight against it.

10. There have been comparisons between the Jewish Population and the Nazis. What are the reasons for such a comparison?

Again that’s the media talking up the overall ‘aftermath’ of faulty British decision making dating back to WWII. Our generation has forgotten why Israel is where it is so to us it looks completely bizarre that the Jewish people would now be seen to do to the Palestinians exactly the same sort of things that were done to their German Jewish ancestors in World War II. Someone said the other day that Gaza is looking much like a concentration camp and it is.

The solution therefore is for the Queen of England to admit the mistakes and now do the right thing by both the Jewish people and the local people who are being oppressed by her former decisions. The problem is that she has never been a particularly ‘take charge’ person and she has been subjected to seeking the advice of more elderly advisors all her life. Personally I support her stepping down and letting a then King Charles take charge. Charles is not a Nazi thinker nor a Zionist although he was a bit too quick to try to get in with the business-set at times in the past. He should be above such things. If he can maintain his distance from the lure of corporate life and note that it is not his job to try to please the rich then he will maintain the power to do correct actions as opposed to economically driven actions and the two things are often worlds apart.
11.In the USA, there are Christian Fundamentalists who support Israel because of the “it is in the Bible” mentality. What are the possibilities that these people are using or maybe starting the Gaza or Middle East Conflict and for what reason?

There are numerous possibilities but none of them will lead anywhere good for Christianity. The Bible has been altered quite a bit in the last 1000 years and there has become a tendency to over-use it to justify actions such as the location of Israel now. Best to drop the whole mention of ‘it’s in the Bible’ before someone starts asking serious questions about ‘who put it there and when?’ and that could land a few people in a lot of trouble.
12. What can be done for the sake of humanity to punish these fundamentalists and those who started the conflict?

We have to get past the notion of punishment and we have to recognize the mistakes in our own thinking and even our own language which at times sway latter generations away from the logic of earlier generations. The entire notion that there can be ‘Christian Fundamentalists’ is a misnomer at best and a foolishness at worst. Religion has its various levels of operating, at some levels it is like government, at others it is quite scientific, at other levels still it is highly psychological. A modern scientist can cut through such issues instantly, however this then upsets people who don’t like the thought that they can be manipulated by science (or religion or psychology) for that matter. Again these are areas best never delved into and the best solution is to get the Jewish people out of harms way and get everyone a good home so they can live out their lives in peace. That’s logic. Start bringing too much religion into any of it and all such religions risk being destroyed in the scientific and legal analysis that would follow.

I would like to thank Mr. Long Hu for taking the time from his busy schedule to be interviewed about his efforts for the Middle East. It is these concepts that have been ignored by the Western Media and need attention in order for a more balanced discussion about the Middle East. Mr. Long Hu deserves credit for what he has said in the interview and will invite him again for future discussions on this very important topic.


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