Quincy Jones Talks About The King Of Pop


Inspired by a previous article about Quincy Jones and his relationship with the King of Pop, I decided to write an article based on a separate interview with the man who helped Michael Jackson during his “Off The Wall”, “Thriller”, and “Bad” era.

In a separate interview, Quincy Jones revealed that “Michael Jackson…obviously did not want to be black”.   He further revealed that Michael Jackson had a “love of chemical peels” and that he felt “uncomfortbale” Muscles [the King of Pop’s Boa Constrictor]. Mr. Jones revealed that Muscles used to “wrap himself around his leg and crawl across the console”. 

Mr. Jones also said that he “preferred Bubbles [the Chimpanzee] over Muscles” although “Bubbles bit a hole in Rashida Jones [her daughter] hand”. He revealed that he does not judge since “people have their things”.

There was one story about Quincy Jones and the song “She’s Out Of My Life”. He originally wanted the song for Frank Sinatra but gave it to Michael Jackson after the King Of Pop sang it with lots of emotion.

It is hoped that Michael Jackson could find the peace he yearned for in life.


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