Merecedes Sosa QEPD

Quiero enviar mis pesames al pueblo argentino por la muerte de Mercedes Sosa. No me cabe duda que ella tenia talento musical incluso logre escuchar su musica mediante varias emisoras de onda corta incluyendo la BBC. Tampoco no podemos olvidar de su lucha por la justicia social en America Latina y la poblacion latina dentro […]

David Letterman On The Receiving End

David Lettermanwho is a host of the popular show ‘Late Night” has made jokes in the past and even included Sarah Palin in them. It appears that the tables have turned with the comedian and talk show host being the center of an extortion plot and extramarital affairs. While he admitted indirectly using a monologue […]

Quincy Jones Talks About The King Of Pop

  Inspired by a previous article about Quincy Jones and his relationship with the King of Pop, I decided to write an article based on a separate interview with the man who helped Michael Jackson during his “Off The Wall”, “Thriller”, and “Bad” era. In a separate interview, Quincy Jones revealed that “Michael Jackson…obviously did […]