David Letterman On The Receiving End

David Lettermanwho is a host of the popular show ‘Late Night” has made jokes in the past and even included Sarah Palin in them. It appears that the tables have turned with the comedian and talk show host being the center of an extortion plot and extramarital affairs. While he admitted indirectly using a monologue and one of the extortionists have been arrested for grand larceny, the story has been bizarre.

One of the people who have been counted as a suspect worked in the CBS TV Series “48 Hours”. The attempts to contact the suspect have not been successful. The story also dealt with Letterman receiving a suspicious package with purported damaging material concerning his relationship with members of his staff.

The package also contained a letter in which Letterman was told to give Two Million Dollars in order to avoid having the case revealed. He was also forced to testify at a Grand Jury and reveal the details of what has happened after one suspect was arrested for grand larceny. While the people should not judge so that they could not be judged, this is just simple proof that Hollywood and its personalities are simply human.

What has also happened is a symbol of the abdication of responsibility on the part of society as a whole. Instead of hiding behind monologues and admit in pieces the extramarital relationships, he should have faced the audience directly and told them what happened.

David Letterman should have admitted his relationships in a frank and direct way without naming the people who were involved. The audience and the general public are not dumb, naive, or stupid since they would have found out anyway. David Letterman did not have the dignity as Father Alberto Cutie who went directly on TV and admitted that he violated his vows of celibacy for the woman that he loves after videos of the ex priest with his lover surfaced.

David Letterman should have also added in his admission the fact that the personalities that work in Hollywood as well as the entertainment industry in the United States of America are human and they have flaws. David Letterman should also admit that his extramarital affairs and sexual adventures were terrible and an abomination which inflicted permanent psychological damage to his wife, his child, his staff members and their families. Whether this will occur is another thing since many people in Hollywood and the entertainment industry in America suffer from narcissism.




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