Tim Tebow: An Open Letter

Dear Tim Tebow:
I received the tragic news about your departure from the New York Jets. After reading every article related to your departure, I decided to write this letter to you.

You did not deserve to be fired from the New York Jets since you were not given an opportunity. The only thing that could be said was that you were fired because of incompatibility of character.

You are a believer in God and family living in a society that erased both from their collective memory. In the process, today’s society replaced it with sleaze, gossip, hypocrisy, and uncontrolled hedonism.
The Jets are a team wanting a scapegoat for their problems and chose you. It was easier to choose you than Mark Sanchez or another player.

Many talked about your presence being a circus for the Jets. The Jets were a circus before you came. They will remain one after you leave the team.

The proof is with Rex Ryan with his tattoo, foot fetish, and out of season practice with a female reporter. FOX 25 of Boston even made a spoof of Rex Ryan’s foot fetish with one of their reporters.
When one door closes, another one opens and what you need to do is stay focused. The rest will come naturally with the help of God.

I could care less what others may or may not think of you. You are one of the greatest football players not because of how you play.

You are great because of your willingness to stand up for your beliefs in spite of the ridicule. Your foundation has helped many people get their lives back in their darkest moments.

You will one day make history in the USA, NFL, and the world because of your personality and professionalism. I would like to wish you the best now and always.

Roberto Carlos Alvarez-Galloso

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