Acting Your Age – Emilio Chaviano

Hello friends,
Most of us are reminded at least once a day about that thing we call «age.»  We look in the mirror and wonder who that person is and what happened to the face we remember. There many be other reminders as well, but perhaps too many to list here. The truth is that there was a time when we could not wait to grow up and be adults so that we could be independent and do whatever it was we wanted to do. Now we are young adults, mid-life adults, mature adults, senior adults and beyond adults. Congratulations!  Becoming adults is the inevitable result of living and maturing. Things happen along the way that make us the way we presently are. For sure we stop being child-like even if at times we act in childish ways. There is a difference. One of the most intriguing teaching of Jesus is the one about the need to be like children if we are to see the invisible Kingdom of God. Observe and reflect on the qualities of the children you know and try to understand why the Master Teacher insisted that adults need to rediscover what we had early on in life. So, try to stop acting your age and at least from time to time be like a child. Open your eyes to the invisible universe in which you live and move to discover that you are indeed a Child of the Kingdom.
May Joy, Peace and Love abound,

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