Unlock The Power by Emilio Chaviano July 22, 2016

“Unlock The Power” By Emilio Chaviano July 22, 2016   Think for a moment about the meaning of the word “power.”  This word can have so many different meanings that trying to explore all of them would be at least impractical if not impossible. Besides, those definitions and understandings are very personal. Each person can […]

Emilio Chaviano – Careful Living

Dear Friends, If you closely pay attention to the teachings found in the Christian scriptures and traditions, you’ll discover that living wisely is a matter of choice. Yes, we all have free will to decide to be foolish or wise. In his first century letter to the Christian community in Ephesus, Paul encourages them and […]

Invisible Portral – Emilio Chaviano

Hello Friends, Most children have played with magnets or toys that have them inside. These objects are fascinating because they are surrounded by an invisible and yet demonstrable field of force. This force can be used to move objects, make electricity, activate the alarm system in your home, and much more. Magnetic rocks can be […]

Your Call – Emilio Chaviano

Hello Friends, Take a few moments to consider the important calls you have received. Some of my calls brought unexpected bad news and others were about joyful events. There were calls that opened up new opportunities and others that basically slammed doors on my face. We all get calls of many types, for many different […]

The Happy Walk – Emilio Chaviano

Hello dear friends, For several days this week one of the early TV shows has been exploring the subject of happiness. It is obvious that there is a high level of interest in this elusive thing. Americans are fortunate that it is totally constitutional to pursuit happiness. However; our constitution does not guarantee that we’ll […]

Acting Your Age – Emilio Chaviano

Hello friends,   Most of us are reminded at least once a day about that thing we call «age.»  We look in the mirror and wonder who that person is and what happened to the face we remember. There many be other reminders as well, but perhaps too many to list here. The truth is that there was a […]