Invisible Portral – Emilio Chaviano

Hello Friends,

Most children have played with magnets or toys that have them inside. These objects are fascinating because they are surrounded by an invisible and yet demonstrable field of force. This force can be used to move objects, make electricity, activate the alarm system in your home, and much more. Magnetic rocks can be found in nature or magnets can be manufactured. The Earth is enveloped in an enormous magnetic field which is not detectable by our senses. However; if you take a magnetized needle and carefully place it on water, it will always turn and point north. This simple experiment reminds us that there is much that we can’t perceive. Biblical scripture is not a scientific text; but those who open up to the sacred writings discover that much that is real is also beyond the perception afforded by our five senses. The teacher from Nazareth spoke in terms of a kingdom very close, or even inside this world we know. Some in the field of quantum physics are now talking in terms of parallel worlds. Perhaps one of these is the one the bible calls The Kingdom of God. It is possible to move from one reality into another. A portal is a place that grants access to a different reality. Prayer is the portal that helps us move from our reality into God’s reality. I want to encourage you to step into the force field which is prayer. It will take you places you can’t even imagine. Beyond that prayer portal many of the answers to the questions we now have can be found.

May The Force be with you!

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