Emilio Chaviano – Careful Living

Dear Friends,

If you closely pay attention to the teachings found in the Christian scriptures and traditions, you’ll discover that living wisely is a matter of choice. Yes, we all have free will to decide to be foolish or wise. In his first century letter to the Christian community in Ephesus, Paul encourages them and us to live to the fullest «making the most of every opportunity.» (Eph. 5:15-21) This does not mean to live like there is no tomorrow packing into one day all the adventure of a lifetime. Careful living means to ensure that everything we do matters and that our actions make a difference for good. Ironically, the word debauchery used in this passage means to get wasted. In other words, nothing of benefit to anyone comes from these poor choices. On the other hand, careful living is really abundant and relevant living. Those who seek a life of purpose and abundance can be filled with power. This gift is available to everyone just for the asking in the thoughts of your hearts. If you are down, ask Spirit to lift you up. If you are confused, ask Spirit to give you clarity and direction. If you are sad, ask Spirit to bring joy into your heart. If you lack purpose, ask Spirit for a mission. Be very careful and choose wisely! Every thought that we entertain leads to some action and all our deeds carry consequences. I do not know anyone who wants a wasted life. Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise!

Giving Thanks for You!

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