Unlock The Power by Emilio Chaviano July 22, 2016

“Unlock The Power”


Emilio Chaviano

July 22, 2016


Think for a moment about the meaning of the word “power.”  This word can have so many different meanings that trying to explore all of them would be at least impractical if not impossible. Besides, those definitions and understandings are very personal. Each person can come up with her or his unique conception.  However; let me just give you an example we all can understand. You walk into your home at night and with the movement of your hand you flip a switch and the lights come on. There are two forms of power operating in this example.  It is both the electric power that comes from the utility company and the power you posses to will with your mind and hand to turn the lights on. The electric power is available, but you are in control of it.  Jesus was the son of common people. Joseph and Mary were earthly parents to a fairly young man who possessed and controlled uncommon power. Those who began to follow him did so because they realized that Jesus was in command of a form of power that they did not quite understand. Whatever it was, the disciples wanted to unlock that power in their own lives.  Many of us go through life running on fumes and barely making it from day to day. In the gospel of Luke (Lk 11:1-13) the disciples start asking questions about whatever it was that their teacher knew.  The lesson cited above reveals how the Master teaches his disciples how to unlock that power. This force is like the electricity in your home. It is available to all of us and better yet, it is absolutely free. Luke recorded the answer containing the steps and attitudes necessary for each of us to be energized. You already have what it takes to Unlock the Power! Learn more about it and put it to work!

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