Emanuel Rockan : A Wise Voice For the 21st Century

During this journey in WordPress, we encounter people of different backgrounds and concepts. There are times that we encounter those who possess wisdom in these trying times.
One of these people is Emanuel Rockan and we invited him to be interviewed by E Mail. He is now with us from Kenya while we are here in Florida and we are going to start right now.
1. Who is Emanuel Rockan? (Background, Education, Life)
I Emmanuel Rockan was born and raised in Kenya but is soon moving to the US.
I attended Base Preparatory school in primary/elementary school.
Attended St.Christopher high school then proceeded to Machakos University where I studied Hospitality and Tourism Management
2. What inspired you to write “Life Lessons”?
I come from a fucked up background where only one out of every hundred kids make it out to the other side of life.
More of this is explained in my book START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE which is soon going to get published.
I have been through a lot myself and I have learned a lot.
I’ve seen people living miserable lives just because of a single mistake they did.
They wouldn’t have made such mistakes if they had someone to show them the way so I decided to be that person.
3. What is the Central Theme of Life Lessons?
Enlightenment. Changing the lives of people for the better and giving hope.
As a matter of fact I want to travel the world in the near future holding talk shows to bring enlightenment and hope to people.
4. What is the relationship between Life Lessons and Nature as well as Bible Scriptures?
Bible scriptures like the book of Proverbs are for the sole purpose of enlightenment and that is what I do on Life Lessons.
I spread knowledge.
I empower people, giving guidelines on what to do and what not to do because I’ve seen it all.
5. What can the secular world learn from reading Life Lessons?
Responsibility and the power of hope.
Trust me I had a father who was just alive because he was not dead.
It is quite unfortunate and I know that there are lots of people out there who really need to hear what I have to say.
People need to learn the power of hope.
Always give hope.
6. What were the lessons that you learned from life and contemporary society?
-Avoid loans.
-Don’t be in a hurry to get married.
-Keep your ears and eyes wide open and your mouth shut.
-A private life is a happy life.
-Read, read and read some more.
-Always be yourself.
-People either inspire you or drain you.
-Practice empathy.
7. How do you define Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness in comparison to the definition pursued by the Secular Humanist (as well as PC) World in the West?
Happiness is like sex. You get satisfaction by satisfying your partner.
Help people who really need help.
Pay for people’s hospital bills.
Extremely poor people who can’t afford to pay for them.
They don’t have to know the person who paid the bill.
Bottom line is, Life is about being kind. Be a nice person
8. Will Life Lessons be published as a book?
I don’t know about that but I have great plans for it.
It will be a US talk show in two years time.
A TV program.
But I will start the talk show next year on YouTube.
I want the message to reach millions and millions of people.
We need to change the world.
About making Life lessons a book I think it’s a good idea.
I love writing.
9. What are your future aspirations as well as those of the world?
My goal is to make life lessons a Talk Show which will start on my YouTube channel and submit to TV stations later in order to reach a wider audience and inspire more people.
10. What is your message to those who visit and read your blogs?
Please keep on reading and participating on my blogs.
It really encourages me and keeps me motivated to write blogs to you every single day.
I hope that someday we’ll make something together.
Our relationship does not end here on WordPress.
I love you all.
It was a pleasure having you come and be a part of our blog. It is hoped that this experience repeats itself.
For my readers, the best to you now and always. God Bless.

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