Maeve Mc Dermott and USA Today : An Open Letter Concerning a #METOO MOMENT In Reguetton [RCAG]

I wrote this letter to Mc Dermott and USA Today a few weeks ago and decided to share it with my readers. The reason was there was no response
Dear Ms. Mc Dermott:
I read you article concerning “Despacito” and I hava  #METOO MOMENT. “Despacito” along with other reguetton melodies have nothing to do with the US Latin Community including myself [Cuba/Spain]. It has a lot of politically incorrect phrases in Spanish which degrades women and children as well as other human beings.
It is also racist but again the elite could care less since they want a profit and since they are racist at heart regardless of being left or right. Thank you
‘Despacito’ changed the music industry — where does Latin music go from here?
Here’s what the Latin music community thinks of the track — and its legacy.

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