Granit Xhaka As Arsenal Captain In A Mini Thought [The AG News Show]

Granit Xhaka has been named permanent captain of the Arsenal FC by its coach Unai Emery. Ever since Xhaka signed with the Gunners in 2016, he has been in the center of controversy with fans and people of the press directly [or not] attributing to him all of Arsenal’s failures and ignoring his accomplishments.

I remember seeing Xhaka [on the internet] score an equalizer against Liverpool with a 25 yard kick as well as scoring free kicks against Newcastle and Crystal Palace. His accomplishments in the Swiss National Team, Borussia Montgladbach, and Basel have [also] helped in the selection process.

Umar Emery is [maybe] attempting to make changes in Arsenal with the hope of moving the team forward after so many years of inaction from previous coach Arsene Wenger. The attempt [via democratic consultation with players] can help or hurt Xhaka and the Gunners in this current season of the EPL and UEFA.

What Arsenal needs to do at this moment is win matches in the UEFA Europa League and attempt a return to the UEFA Champions League [UCL]. The return to the UCL can be possible by winning all [or the majority] of their matches in the Premier League since the Gunners are currently in fourth place in the EPL.

It remains to be seen if this can be done and if Emery was right about selecting Xhaka as Captain. In the meanwhile, I will be watching the Gunners battle the Red Devils [Manchester United] [EPL] and Standard Liege [UEFA Europa League Group F] and assess the results.


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