Thomas Cook : How To Deal With A Failure In Sports Travel [The AG News Show]

For those who are unaware, Thomas Cook was an agency that specialized in tourism and hospitality. Its collapse [due to financial problems as well as changes in the tourism and hospitality industry] affected many of its consumers around the world.

The latest victims of the Thomas Cook fiasco are the sport fans who paid packages to see UEFA [Champion and Europa League] as well as NFL [National Football League-American Football] Exhibition matches. The majority of clubs in the Premier League and NFL used the once prestigious agency to book package tours to countries celebrating their teams in European and International competitions.

Formula 1, the Six Nations [as well as the English Cricket] tournaments have been affected as well by this disaster. While the clubs and associations deserve praise for their effort in purchasing alternative travel arrangements for their supporters, this is not enough.

The people who governed Thomas Cook and placed the company in bankruptcy MUST answer to the clubs and their supporters as well as others affected by their bad business decisions. While I am not familiar with the laws governing bankruptcy in Great Britain, the only answer for Thomas Cook is to return money received in their packages to the clubs and supporters so that alternative travel arrangements can be made [unless this happened].

The clubs and supporters should also initiate a lawsuit against Thomas Cook for misrepresentation of its financial situation [unless they made people aware] and for the mental anguish caused secondary to their bankruptcy. The same MUST apply to all consumers and employees of Thomas Cook whose dreams were smashed by the corporate irresponsibility of the company’s chiefs if it has not bee initiated yet.

This [as well as applying pressure to the Thomas Cook executives] will only serve as justice for the victims [Fans, Supporters, Employees, Tourists, Honeymooners, Clubs, and Teams] who lost everything in the tourism packages. My prayers, heart, and soul go out to the victims of this colossal giant that started with great expectations only to evolve into a colossal failure 178 years later.


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