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All artists are essential regardless of their beliefs of any types and their personal lives. The important thing is the talent, their right to be heard, and for people to decide whether they like the artist or not based on perception of talent.

I listen to ALL artists and genres regardless of their beliefs and personal lives because I like them. I appreciate every note and verse they sing especially the Indys.

Before moving to Venezuela, I lived in Ohio and was a fan (still is) of Polish/Hungarian Jazz and Irakere (a Cuban Jazz Fusion Band). Poland and Hungary had Communist governments while Cuba (where my family is) did not have relations with USA.

I experienced the same problem Rock, Folk, and Americana Music as well as country by the same society in Ohio (which was governed by Republicans). I could have cared less because I am a Libertarian who believes in ALL Rights.

Regardless of the Politics, I loved the music but I was censored and criticized in Ohio for «collaboration» by people in that society. Had I had rejected such beautiful music because of politics, I would not have appreciated the Beauty of Paquito D Rivera’s saxophone or Arturo Sandoval’s Trumpet which I love.

If you want to agree or disagree, great if we can Keep it civil please because I believe in Free Speech.

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