State Of Uranus 2021 (Gasalini of Uranus)

We are now starting the year 2021 with Our Annual State of Uranus from our planet. The year 2020 was one of negativity and positivity but we eliminated all of the first and embraced the latter.


We started by ridding the planet Uranus of heresies starting with the Indiana Yoga proposed by Buttface, Suppository and Fartface. It was filled with White Privilege Butts and it was based on principles from a Banana Republic whose time zone is in the 1800s instead of this century.

The big instigator was Suppository who offended our ally in the Keys [Ohio Stranger] after he declared that there would be no exchange programs with Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Puerto Rico because they are “foreign countries”. Ohio Stranger correctly pointed out that Indiana was a product of Ohio in the 1800s after the Buckeye State [Ohio] went to the rest room, farted, and crapped Indiana into existence.

This yoga based on the Suppository being in a Kundalini position with a Hoosier flag, mixing Screams of Religious Preoccupation with “Free Sex”, and an allusion to a “Moon” Pharmacy. We could not have that in our planet.

So Indiana Yoga was flushed down our grand toilet along with ButtFace, Suppository and Fartface.


Kaka East [Neptune Supreme Leader] committed Cerebral Masturbation with “Social Friday, Youre My Steak N Shake” and spread his crap all over UrAnus. Lady Gasica [Queen of Titan] was upset and asked for a divorce because of Kaka East being full of it but we resolved everything by flushing Kaka East Down Our Grand Metallic Toilet.

Lady Gasica returned to Titan via Our Giant Suppository Of Uranus Airlines after giving her therapy for Kaka East committing Cerebral Masturbation. Kaka East now has to get his act in order but he can do it in Neptune and he can take his Indiana Yoga with him.


Huevalini was sent to live in the Dark Side Of UrAnus and forced to sit on the Big Toilet in order to reflect on his butt think of Kaka East and Indiana Yoga. After careful thought and elimination of the waste from his body, we were able to rehabilitate Huevalini and return him from the Dark Side Of UrAnus.

He now does Huevalini Yoga more than ever including burps, farts, showers, and pool sesssions.


The future is bright but we will continue with our methane and screaming “Let Us Meditate” to a chorus of farts.


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