Pensieri Parole e Poesie


      Natalia Castelluccio


        The pieces of heart
        they have become rags of love.
        For all life
        live gazes of fire
        looking at cruel faces
        without a shadow of play.
        In halls flooded with darkness and blood
        the dreams of small lives escape.
        Ringing and shiny, they grind the teeth
        they cry and suffer with vacant hands.
        They eat and sleep without having anything
        they no longer hope for tomorrow
        because now for them it is without humans.
        They are children in search of love
        they are the sacrificed lambs
        in the name of the new pain.
        They are the victims of every color
        who die alone and without making a sound.
        I am the life that goes away
        and the future of creation
        than never before has it been devastated.

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