«My Light» Emilio Chaviano Dec. 12, 2014

«My Light» by Emilio Chaviano Dec. 12, 2014     This is the season of lights. Christians light up one candle for each Sunday of Advent prior to the celebration of Christmas. Jewish families and congregations light up the lights of the Menorah during Hanukkah. These lights can be electric, wax candles or oil lamps. […]

“We Need Advent” By Emilio Chaviano November 21, 2014

“We Need Advent” By Emilio Chaviano November 21, 2014 Christian communities around the world are preparing to observe the season of Advent. Members and visitors will be treated to simple rituals designed to emphasize the significance of the four Sundays prior to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Advent literally means that “something […]

“ Plus Signs” By Emilio Chaviano August 27, 2014

I never knew Roger Ebert in person, but I remember listening to his movie reviews before venturing out to see a new release. Mr. Ebert suffered multiple surgeries which left him unable to speak or eat. In spite of his enormous limitations, Roger continued to work and inspire many by his personal courage and invincible […]

“Navigation” By Emilio Chaviano August 15, 2014

“Navigation” By  Emilio Chaviano August 15, 2014   I suppose many of you remember the days when everyone had at least one of those folding maps from the oil companies in the car’s glove compartment.  Many new cars now come with optional navigation systems. They sell, because people do not like to get lost. We […]

“Light Travel” by Emilio Chaviano [August 6 2014]

“Light Travel” by Emilio Chaviano August 6, 2014 Imagine being able to travel at the speed of light. Scientists tell us that light travels at 186,000 miles per second. That is sort of fast and presently not possible, but we can all travel light. The prophet Isaiah is always relevant to our situation. His words […]

“Your Legacy” By Emilio Chaviano July 30, 2014

“Your Legacy” By Emilio Chaviano July 30, 2014 I have known a few people who have received an inheritance from parents, grandparents, other relatives or even friends. We tend to think of an inheritance in terms of money or other forms of material value. It could be jewels, land, a house or an old car. […]

“Make a Difference” By Emilio Chaviano July 9, 2014

“Make a Difference” By Emilio Chaviano July 9, 2014 Starting on Friday evening through Sunday, Muslims, Jews and Christians all over the world will pray and attend services according to their respective traditions. I have no idea how many people the world over will participate in services which to them have so much meaning and […]