Your Call – Emilio Chaviano

Hello Friends, Take a few moments to consider the important calls you have received. Some of my calls brought unexpected bad news and others were about joyful events. There were calls that opened up new opportunities and others that basically slammed doors on my face. We all get calls of many types, for many different […]

Lost and Found – Emilio Chaviano

Dear friends, It is possible to get lost in familiar territory. One recent night I was driving home with my wife in an area of our city that we know fairly well. I took a detour to show her a place I frequent. Instead of returning to the main road, I decided to explore a […]

The Happy Walk – Emilio Chaviano

Hello dear friends, For several days this week one of the early TV shows has been exploring the subject of happiness. It is obvious that there is a high level of interest in this elusive thing. Americans are fortunate that it is totally constitutional to pursuit happiness. However; our constitution does not guarantee that we’ll […]

Acting Your Age – Emilio Chaviano

Hello friends,   Most of us are reminded at least once a day about that thing we call «age.»  We look in the mirror and wonder who that person is and what happened to the face we remember. There many be other reminders as well, but perhaps too many to list here. The truth is that there was a […]

Peace Be Still – Emilio Chaviano

Hello friends,   Stormy weather can come our way rather unexpectedly. People here in South Florida still talk about hurricane Andrew and the devastation left behind its wake back in 1992. This Category 5 hurricane left indelible marks in the lives of many. I do not mean to diminish the importance of weather events such as  […]

Servants Needed by Emilio Chaviano

«Servants Needed» by Emilio Chaviano March 17, 2015   If you are aware of the significance of today’s date perhaps you wore something green. Yes, it is St. Patrick’s Day and even people who don’t trace their ancestry to Ireland know a bit about the legends and traditions related to Patrick. It is said that […]

Supernatural Christmas by Emilio Chaviano December 17,2014

«Supernatural Christmas» by Emilio Chaviano Dec. 17, 2014   There is the natural and then there is the supernatural. The natural are those things we  understand. The supernatural falls outside logic and human reasoning. Those of you who can balance a checkbook are dealing with the natural order of things including pretty basic math.  Most […]