Lockwood Barr and Lala Deaton : Two Americana Angels In Christmas Who Helped A Writer/Blogger [Americana Bistro Grill /The AG News Show]

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season are here and it was an honor to start the season listening to Lockwood Barr. She is an Americana Artist from California who just released the EP [Extended Play] Christmas In Memphis. I managed to see two You Tube videos from this great Christmas album Let It Snow and the […]

El Nuevo Sol Soleado En Esta Navidad [RCAG]

En el a~no 2004, el cantante espanol Raphael grabo in tema Navide~no “Un Nuevo Sol [Soleado] donde expreso sus deseos para un mundo major en estas Navidades y sienpre. Aun no hemos llegado a eso pues vivimos en un mundo imperfecto y cruel debido a la intransigencia de la gente cuyo origenes fue en cometer […]

Katey Laurel “This Is Christmas” Is The Real Thing In Music [Americana Bistro Grill @ The AG News Show]

In the 1970s, John Denver recorded “Rocky Mountain Christmas” which celebrated the beauty of the season in Colorado and other Rocky Mountain States. He later recorded “Christmas Like A Lullaby” which is another institution in this beautiful state. In the 21st Century, Katey Laurel [who is a multitalented singer, model and actress] recorded “This Is […]